Friday, September 14, 2012

nothing but time

Two days ago, I went to the zoo. Walking from the subway to the zoo, I passed a recently taped off crime scene. Pools of blood on the sidewak in front of a TD Bank, blood soaked clothing left behid on the sidewalk, police everywhere. It was a very disturbing sight that shook me up quite a bit.

At the zoo, I watched a pack of baboons terrorize a heard of gazelle-like animals with a name I had never heard of. That also was a bit frightening to watch.

Yesterday, I talked to this father as he awaited word on his daughter, got him a cup of coffee. I was very worried about what the outcome would be. I heard him cry out the most awful cry of loss when he was told his daughter was dead. The sound he made is maybe the saddest sound I have ever heard and I am not sure I will ever forget it. I kept on hearing it last night when I was trying to sleep.
It has been an intense last couple of days. This morning, on my way to work, I listened to Cat Power's "Nothing But Time," and it seemed like a lie, the song's lyrics, but a comforting lie that we sometimes need to hear. She told me that time's got nothing on me, but I know it has everything on me. She told me I've got nothing but time, but as I have been reminded the past couple days, no, no, I do not.

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