Friday, January 18, 2013

Matthew E. White - "Brazos"


1.) Start playing Matthew White's Big Inner because you came across it on Spotify and are looking for something new to listen to.

2.) Make yourself dinner as you begin to realize how insanely amazing this album is and start to feel a reaction toward music that you had forgotten music was capable of bringing about.

3.) Smoke some weed.

4.) Sit down and listen to this album as you eat your food and slowly become entirely blown away by how much this music moves you, how perfect it is, how insanely well-produced and orchestrated these sprawling songs are, and how despite that sprawlingness they are still insanely enjoyable, how this is music that makes you dance along to the groove on your couch, neighbors across the way and curtainless windows doing nothing to hide their glances this way be damned.

5.) Put your empty plate in the sink.

6.) Realize how much better this album would sound with headphones, your good headphones.

7.) Find your good headphones.

8.) Hit play on this YouTube video of a live performance of "Brazos."

9.) Turn the volume up.

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