Tuesday, January 1, 2013


Shortly after midnight, I smoked a cigarette on the back patio of Metropolitan. I had resolved not to smoke in 2013, but the year doesn't really start until you wake up I told myself. 

Coming in from outside, I locked eyes with this guy who was waiting to claim his jacket from the coat check line. Both of us held the stare, smiled, neither shying away. I said hello to him and soon we were making out. I asked him what his name was. He told me and I didn't understand. We made out more. I asked him again. I still didn't understand. Eventually I understood. We exchanged numbers. He got his coat. He left

I went to Spectrum and danced around and the night started to blur more and more. I went back to Metropolitan. There was last call. I made out with some other guy. He invited me home. I said no. 

I took the train back to my neighborhood, my sights set on a breakfast sandwich from Dunkin Donuts. The place was demolished. Someone had thrown everything all over the place. There were coffee mugs and newspapers and shelves thrown all over the floor. I stepped over all the debris and went up to the counter to order some food to sop up all of this alcohol. The guys told me they weren't serving food, that they were waiting for the police to get there. I walked back out, delicately stepping over plastic coffee mugs and bags of coffee.

I passed out on my couch and I woke up in the year 2013. I got up and slept in my bed.

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