Sunday, September 1, 2002

happy birthday mom

I woke up amazingly today at noon feeling fairly good, fairly damn good considering how much I drank last night and how late I was up till trying to hold out, to continue sitting at a table at the Poinciana house listening to conversation that was boring me to death, but listening to this conversation with the hopes that when they were done, when the conversation was over, I would be able to get Andrew to come home with me, to fuck me, and then to lie with me. However, I was too drunk to sit at the table anymore - I was ready to pass out and followed the steps Bonnie made an hour earlier leaving the house in her drunken stumble home, and made my own drunken stumble home, the two blocks until I could pass out in my bed, could sleep off this thing, could say good night, hush, sleep little child, and cuddle up in blankets.

And from that yummy sleep, I woke up, cleaned up our house, picked up red plastic cup after red plastic cup, threw away empty beer bottles that had been used as ashtrays, and recyled the ones that hadn't been used as ashtrays. Then I talked with Bonnie and did the fun sober re-piecing of the night, putting it all together, recalling events together, conversations, yes, you really did say that, remebering the cinematic spectacle, the all to potent scene of Tiffany yelling at Palm Court, shouting at stunned people who got their groove interupted by her switching off "The Electric Slide," shouting at the people who threw the wall with big hand movements that, "IT WILL NEVER BE ELECTRIC ON THIS CAMPUS! NEVER! IT WILL NEVER BE ELECTRIC HERE!" Recalling that and other things, ignoring one boy because another one said he would get with you, that sort of thing, recalling Bonnie falling in mud, and yeah -- it was all pretty silly, the retelling of the night, but it entertained us for a few hours because really, we were too lazy to get up and do something, let alone do schoolwork.

I watched Zoolander for the first time this afternoon, went to the beach with Bonnie, and talked to my mom on the phone, and again, I feel so wonderfully comfortable, that post-beach glow stemming from a comfortable exhaustion. And yeah.

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