Saturday, September 28, 2002

wilco's been turning my orbit around for the last couple days on repeat

Life has been moving in a linear fashion these days, with things actually happening to me. And of course, I have written nothing at all about it in here, have been too busy with these things, with actually living. There will be time for all this and more one day. One day, it'll happen. It'll all come true. And on that day, we'll have to time to quote all the Bjork lyrics we can muster.

But right now, I want to go swimming in the pool. Hopefully my roomates are still there, getting their pool on. I have to work in countdown two and a half hours, I'm hungry, and on the move. But yeah, I have a job. I am working at Domino's, being an American, making pizzas, and looking out of a huge glass window onto US 41 and a glowing Burger King. I feel like an American youth and I fucking love it. I throw pizzas into the oven, I throw them out, into boxes, with novice skill cut them into eight slices, and get paid minimum wage. And that is okay, because the job is okay, and I am too.

And in other news, last night I told Sean that I liked him, that I am sorry, and that I want to try again. He said he had to think about it and went to bed. Andrew walked home with Bonnie and I, and wanted to know why I have been treating him like shit. I told him why, and that concludes that little thing. My crush is over. At long last. I can move on with my life, knowing that crushes are silly, that they dissapoint when they become something other than a crush. And I'm going to the pool, to swim in bright blue chlorinated water, and then to make pizzas for people like you, for Americans.

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