Saturday, January 4, 2003

ch ch ch changes

The tourism season has started for South Florida and returning to work for the first time in a couple of weeks at Best Western, I found this out in a major way, as what was normally eight hours of sitting on my ass was reduced to only a couple hours sitting on my ass time and the rest of that time juggling phones, calming eager guests checking standing in front of me, running to guests rooms for whatever silly things they needed, faxes being spit out at me, new reservations coming in, and running reports reports reports. While it did get a little hectic and I did think I was going to have a breakdown at several points, I loved it and think that it was entirelly beneficial for me to be out and be busy with myself, to be doing things. They have me on the schedule for 32 hours a week during January which makes me really happy that they are throwing me some extra hours this month and I am going to call Dominos tomorrow to see if they need any help over break on my days off.

I am less and less sure about dropping out every day now. Right now, I really think that I am still going to enroll next semester and am going to try to transfer to Hunter for the fall, where I can hopefully finish off my credits in a semester. And that way I can be in NY, and still graduate when I thought I was going to - I just have to make sure they are cool about transfer credit from NC. Add that to my to do list.

Another option which I am giving serious thought to lately is the army. I am thinking about taking their recruiting tests and placement tests to see if I would be eligible to go to the Defense Language Institute in Monteray and then serve as a linguist. But it is the army, and there is that whole five year commitment thing, and the whole being part of a war machine thing, and the whole me being a big homo thing, and there is also the whole difficutly in rocking these four different tests you have take. But I think I may go to the Recruiting Center in Bradenton and find out more about taking these tests.

But in other signs of change, at work, late at night, once things had slowed down, I ordered me some Dominos (not a change) and watched the Ohio-Miami game and fucking hell, I got so into this thing rooting for Miami. This game was so fun and tense, especially the end and that field goal. I rushed home, biking as fast as I could, so I could watch the rest of the overtime, the rest of the game, and hope that Miami would kick Ohio's ass, getting so hopeful in those last seconds when Miami was so close. Yeah, football can be exciting. Bucs? Playoffs? I am oddly excited.

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