Sunday, January 26, 2003

No, Bob. I am younger than you.

The truth is that it is all here. Hug myself and it's there. Laugh, and right there, in that hearty laugh, the rising falling chest. I find myself saying "Fuck you" more often then ever, said to every idiot I encounter at Best Western as soon as they are out of hearing range. Fuck you, you stupid cunt. And I said it today on the phone to someone before I had hung up. And you know, sometimes, you just got to say Fuck You, reaffirm yourself against the Other, the fucking idiots, the not yous. Call people assholes cause they don't get it, you guys aren't feeling the same groove. Asshole, get it together.

I am drunk, I am caffeniated, I am horny. I have decided everyone's an idiot but me. Fuck you assholes. It's all about mastubartion, affirming the self. And yeah, here I go.

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