Thursday, January 30, 2003

ken said to liver off their riches

And tonight, we found ourselves in Society. In that Sarasota party circuit of rich art patrons who have $75 to plop down to attend a little Cine-World party. We got dressed up, and after walking around the places, checking out various sneak-in possibilites, Beki, Jamie, Bonnie, and I sauntered in to snack on the yummy delights of pricey Sarasota restaurants. And yum yum yummy, I ate so much lovely food, including a gazillion of these fucking orgasmic chocolate deserts that were heaven. Ken was there, because he had his film in the festival, and he got me beer and told me to live off the riches, or the fat of the land. One or the other. He said it was the secret of life. And maybe, but I don't know. I don't know if he was serious, or if he was right, or just partially.

I know that I played tennis today for three hours and my muscles fucking ache, but I am ready to get up and try again, to try to defeat Jamie, or to at least not get defeated so badly. I am finding the joy in trying and trying again. I did not want to quit today, I never want to fucking quit. I am ready for it all.

And PS - I went to Selby earlier this week for the first time in my four years here in Sarasota. Maybe I never knew that it was free with a student ID, but now you do, and for fuck sake's, I was in heaven looking at orchids, at how amazing the natural design of some things can be, realized that the natural design of everything (you even) is this amazing, and the orchids helped me see this, helped me see the amazing design in leaves, trees, and cactuses, bamboo even that I see all the time and take for granted. I want to return to Selby soon, maybe bike there one day, and spend forever staring into orchids.

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