Friday, January 31, 2003

reason number 223

I just got in a screaming match with my landlord. I am still shaking from nervousness.

She is a terrifying little old woman and I really thought she was going to hit me. She kept getting up in my face to yell. She came upstairs to tell me to move our bikes from the hallway into our apartment. And I told her that they were in no one's way and if she wanted to worry about that, I could show her many other things she was going to have to worry about also. Made her come into our apartment and showed her our peeling floor, and told her I wanted that fixed, and that that was way more important than our bikes in the hallway of the top floor of the building that no one passes through. I do not know where this bit of testiness came from in me, but I am so tired of her bullshit.

Man, then that's where things got heated and she started screaming and getting more and more in my face, telling me I needed to talk to her daughter, Iris. And then my testiness picked up and I said, "Aren't you the landlord? No, aren't you the landlord? You own the building, right? So I am talking to you! You are the landlord!" Messy, messy, messy. Probably not a good idea to pick a fight with your landlord when you are going to be late with your rent.

And then after she kept telling me to call her daughter, I did. Iris answered and I said hello and she could hear her mom screaming in the background and sighed and apologized and asked what was going on, because she knows her mom is bat shit insane, and to make matters worse, an insanity bound up with a case of testorone aggressiveness. And I told her the same thing, that we had this bikes up against the railing, and that Ada wanted me to move them, and so I showed her other problems and she started yelling at me. Iris told me to tell her mom to go downstairs so she could call her and calm her down. And I really hate it when they leave her here. This apartment is not half bad when I don't have to deal with my loud, crazy ass landlords. I don't know if you have ever spent time in my apartment and heard Ada screaming throughout the house, but I am not exaggerating when I say screaming, she is a fiery little troll who yells as if it is her only defense against the world, that as long she is loud people will listen to a small, old woman.

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