Friday, September 10, 2004

aryan nation, or look what i can do with my new camera phone

Yesterday, riding from somewhere to somewhere else on the subway in that state of mind where neither the destination nor the starting point was relevant, my attention was caught, I was whipped out of one dreamland, whipped violently into another unreal land, a nightmareland. I got up from my seat to see if the sign really said what I thought it said, and seeing that it did, I thought I had to take pictures just to document the outrageousness. Pills selling whiteness, equating whiteness with beauty, albeit under the coded name of European. The first part says, "Are European Women More Beautiful?" The ad then answers the question, presuming that normally the answer would be yes, but saying, "There's No Chance Now." Of course, that being if you buy the pills, aptly and terrifyingly called "Perfectil." I was so dismayed by this sign, thought about starting a chant, "You're selling whiteness, and we're not buying." Dreamed of defacing the offensive sign. Not that most advertising also does not equate whiteness with beauty, but they at least don't come out and say so explicitly. It is the subtext that one can read if they choose to. This ad makes me so mad.

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