Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Two days ago, that was in fact someone trying to break into our house. Our landlord did not hire a handyman. I think to the, "What if's": What if we had not been home; What if it had just been one of us, as opposed to the downstairs guy, Jillian, and I; What if we had outright accused him of lying about being a handyman and being an intruder - would if he gotten aggresive? Not that I am in a wealthy setup, not hardly, but appearantly more so than intruder guy - and should I feel sympathy for him? But can I also be fearful and sympathetic? Beacause I am. And things like this make me sad, that this is neccesary for someone's survival, that while it does strike at my saftey, stability, and finances - these three things are all enabled, are all created by the mass of people lacking these three things. So, I can't really get angry about what happens, just sad that it must.

Yesterday, my job interview did not go so well. This did not make me so much sad, as frustrated. Before the interview, Melissa showed me around what is more of a printing press, rather than a copy shop . I was very overwhelmed with everything, especially her assumptions that I knew how to operate presses. For example, Melissa says: "Oh, that's the one color press, there's the two color one. That's the four color one. And that's the four color digital one, which doesn't need plates. But don't worry, you already know plates." I didn't contradict her and really wondered what I had ever said to her to give her this impression that I knew how to operate industrial presses. Then, I sat down with owner guy, Chris, an old Korean who didn't speak much English and blinked his eyes every five seconds like he was on speed. Things were going all right until he asked me about my Illustrator experience. I confessed that I had never used Illustrator but that I had knew Photoshop, so I could probably learn it easily.

He told me that Illustrator is the main program they use there, and then talked about the specifics of color formatting for a two color print job which seemed way above my skill level. He then said he now had reservations about hiring me since I didn't know Illustrator, even though Melissa never mentioned this program at all, said all I needed to know was Quark and Photoshop. So, I think that I was going to get the job, but now am probably not. He said he would call me by the end of the week to let me know after he interviewed a couple more people.

When I got to the Strand yesterday, I gave Ben the man's business card so he could apply for the job since he knows all of these programs and is excited by this kind of work, whereas I think getting the job would give me a nervous breakdown, being responsible for so much technical stuff. Tomorrow and Friday, my goal is to apply at every temp agency possible.

Did you hear? Mates of State in a CMJ show, October 15? (Sidenote to Dave: Aesop Rock is playing at this same showcase). Gravy Train and Le Tigre doing a Halloween show? But is that how I want to spend Halloween?

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