Monday, February 7, 2005

To Do List with Annotations

-Find something to wear to interview this week
I probably sent out about fifty responses to jobs about two weeks ago and on Friday, I got an email from one of them, saying they wanted to set up an interview this week. No way am I going to get this job. I don't remember applying for it, and have no clue, why, even if I did, the D.E. Shaw Group wants to interview me for something they call "the Finance and Operations Assistant position." But looking at their website, I realized that I have nothing I could wear to this interivew. Pants, I might have. Shirt, no. Tie? It looks like I would have to wear one. Shoes? Please, my tennis shoes even have holes in them.

-Call Hunter and set up time to hand over evaluations so I can be in school in this fall. No more procrastinating. No more laziness

-Do taxes
Perhaps, go to H and R block so I can get money right away and not have to worry about these taxes and will have some money, which will segue nicely into our next item on the to do list, that being not having any money, having to overdraw my checking account to pay rent, and so:

-Do things to make money
You know, like, pee on people, give, get blowjobs, whatever. Make lots of money. Buy new tennis shoes with it, pay rent, and then worry about a new computer, and visiting California.

-See if health insurance was cancelled yet by the Strand
If it wasn't, go see a doctor, about what I hope if just a case of jock itch and not some STD. It it was cancelled, call the cheap gay clinics to see how much it would cost to see someone.

-Take photos of the cute front door windows on North 6th and other close blocks
I am in love with all the various crafty doorway windows that I see everytime I walk to the video store. Everytime I walk past them, I note to myself to take photos of them and document all the various designs. I will post them here for your viewing pleasure for those who don't live here.

-Call that coffee shop that is opening next to Key Food and get hired

-Do laundry

-Call people

-Write and get back to this at least once a week thing I committed to

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