Wednesday, August 9, 2006

I hung out with Gregg last night, closing some gaps that had been lingering in my life. It has been nice to make attempts to be friends with both him and Niki again at this same point in my life after not talking to them for a while. I need to reconnect with other friends that I have fallen out of touch with and make new friends and make friends with myself. Today was spent on some quality me time. I am feeling so good lately and there are surely many factors going on, such as the fact that I have a job, the fact that I live in a nice room, the weather - fuck, everything. Things, most things, are working out and I am really feeling as on top of things as I probably have in a couple of years.

Like clockwork, the minute I got off work today, I got a call from that guy on 96th Street, so I went uptown, got a blowjob, had a nice conversation, and got stoned. I rode home on the subway sitting across from Jean-Paul Sartre wearing a Colorodo t-shirt with a giant picture of a deer head on it and wanted to giggle and hide because it was amazing and totally freaky.

The soundtrack for today and this entry is Isolee's "Schrapnell," the most beautiful song I have heard in so long and a song that I would march to the end of the earth for so long as that could be my soundtrack. It's such perfect marching around town music. I saw The Puffy Chair tonight and it was cute and had a really cute soundtrack. I took a long walk home, stopping at various stores, picking up essentials - milk, oj, shaving cream, batteries. The moon is full or at least appears to be and I love New York so much it makes me sad. I miss it for some reason. It's really weird.

Also, I am toying with the idea of working for the Princeton Review in Mumbai.

The Knife is finally playing a show in New York come November 1. I am so there. Beirut in McCarren Park on Sunday. And it goes on and on, these good things.

I love you.

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