Saturday, August 5, 2006

This morning I woke up as tired as I have been in so long, having not gotten enough sleep because I stayed up late watching Curb Your Enthusiasm, and tired, thought about just not going into work today, but somehow, thankfully, managed to get myself out of bed and moving. I am working at the Princeton Review this weekend because they called me a couple days ago asking if I wanted to work.

It is weird that they called me during the summer because my working for them tends to conincide with peaks in school year testing. And today, I found out why I was called in. Some idiot messed up and delivered the wrong tests to a school system for their summer school kids, and so the students all answered in their answer booklet or on a non-compatible Scantron. What this meant is that every single one of these tests had to be bubbled onto a Scantron by hand, and each student's personal information had to be bubbled in as well. Not that the job isn't already boring, but oh man, today, I kept on having to hit my head to keep from falling asleep. One guy there did fall asleep. Eight hours of bubbling in tests = a nightmare. This, done in an over air-conditioned room, and cominbed with the tediousnes of it, the perfect formula for nodding off.

I came home and took a nap unsuccesfully, sleeping in fevered spurts, tired as hell, but unable to sleep deeply because of all the coffee that I drank to try to stay awake at work earlier. Now, I just feel nauesous and am going to eat some eggs and settle in for a documentary about sneakers. This, unless one of you young lovers wants to call me and do something, say, dance.

I am so not looking forward to doing this again tomororw, but it does pay money, and aside from the boredom, there are some nice momemnts of reflection enabled by sitting and doing menial work for eight hours.

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