Monday, August 7, 2006

williamsburg development

Walking home from work today, I thought about something I think about often while walking around Williamsburg, while walking around New York - about the changes in the landscape, about new stores, new buildings, old ones, my memories of them superimposed on the new ones and wondering how long those memories of mine can hold of that old toyshop on Grand Street that was torn down a couple months ago, about how long it will be until some condo goes up and that store, or any old building, fades from my memory.

Just within two blocks of my house, there are six construction sites; five buildings have been razed (two within the last two weeks), and the ground floor of one has been gutted. My neighborhood is feeling pretty weird, pretty unneighborhoodish, with all this construction going on. I have decided to document these six sites since they are all in their early stages and to take pictures every two weeks of the six sites (every month if I get lazy) and to document their progress.

Grand and Keap, NE corner

Grand and Keap, SW corner

Keap and Hope, SE corner

463 Grand Street

Borniquen and Hooper, SE corner

Rodney and Borniquen, SW corner

And then while wandering around taking these photos, this man came to up me and told me I was really "good" and essentially asked to have sex with me. As friendly as he was, I told him no, and he told me it would only take 30 minutes. I kept on saying no in a friendly mannner because this was a friendly guy. He told me I could find him on the corner later if I wanted to. He is working for a movie that is filming in my neighborhood.

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