Thursday, July 26, 2007

hey charlie
everyone at twst loves your blog
hope you come in this week!

This comment left on my last entry definitely woke me up. TWST is the lingo, said as "twist", that workers of The Wall Street Transcript use around the office to refer to the publication. I am supposed to start working in the offices there for two weeks starting on Wednesday while my old boss is on vacation. This is super embarrassing is what this translates to. I don't really relate to my co-workers there at all. Most are older and all a bit bland, a lot more tame - the types of people that tend to work in offices. And they all gossip a lot and so surely probably everyone there has read my blog now. Recent entries include mentions of being a prostitute, obsessive masturbation, lots of dick sucking, some ass fucking, some unsafe ass fucking detailed in detail, pot smoking, excessive drinking, and on and on - enough to make me seem like the hellbent Sodomite I am, but which I had been able to hide so well under the bland circumstances of an office. I wonder though if anyone will actually mention my blog or my life to me in person, or whether I will just get different looks from people.

I can only fret about this too much because life is only so short, and there is another boring day of work ahead, filing things for some random health company in midtown. After work today, I saw Sharon Jones play with the Dap Kings at Battery Park, and that was awesome. Even more awesome was later this evening when I got a blowjob from this man who had a great view of downtown Manhattan. He sat on his couch and I stood over him, fucking his mouth and looking at this beautiful city, looking out his living room windows, getting more so off on the city and my life here than on the blowjob. I got giddy tonight walking the city streets in a way I haven't felt in too long. Manhattan's streets, which I am not on frequent enough, have such an energy to them, particularly so as you walk them at night alone, on your way to a total stranger's house to exchange sex for money, feeling nervous and young, and there is this city, and it feels like some movie, obviously a seventies New York one, and you are so happy because it's so brief and you get to experience it even for this short while, more than most.

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