Tuesday, July 10, 2007

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I still get brief tastes of dick, of this boy Dana's. Certainly this is not possible considering that this was hours ago and my teeth have been brushed since then. But in hungover moments, the taste, certainly remembered and not actually there, is felt.

The night started at a party at [a gay celebrity]'s house where I talked to some strangers, gave out my number to some of these strangers, and at one point smoked from a bong with [gay celebrity]. Also, I got really drunk. Drunkeness continued at the Cock, where I made out with several people and gave one of these persons a blowjob.

Then I ended up at [a certain 90's MTV News guy]'s apartment somehow. It was really weird to see this face of my teenage years, the MTV news guy, coked out of his mind, eyes crazy looking. I ended up in his bed, doing coke with him and this boy Dana, who is the roommate of Daniel, this boy I used to make out with until he no longer wanted to make out with me. Dana and I sucked each other's dicks and I loved doing so, and people kept coming in and out of this bedroom and the entire thing was so weird. Dana was also worried Daniel would hate him and kept on telling me not to tell Daniel about our sexual escapade. Whenever [a certain 90's MTV News guy] came into the room, Dana would tell him to suck my dick and he would. And that this man that I watched on my television in the suburbs throughout terrible teenage years, that this man had my penis in his mouth, man, I can't tell you what a weird sensation that was. I would like to, but the thing is I am at work.

Tomorrow, I go to Chicago for a week!

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