Monday, July 2, 2007

the view from the 42nd floor

There was him sucking my dick, this part of my body going in and out of this man's mouth, and, despite how many times I have now seen this physical act, that was a fascinating thing to watch. And beyond that, past his shoulder, was this city and an awesome blue sky, clouds seemingly at eye level, and the experience was magical, me floating on this bed through the clouds on view all around from his corner apartment. I am part of these things, the sky and its clouds, this city and its tall buildings, and with the freedom enabled by sexual bliss, by that fog of pleasure one enters when their penis is erect and being stimulated by another human being, I was able to float through these clouds, to be totally a part of these things, and, seemingly to contradict that boundness to things (but really not a contradiction at all if you knew the feeling), by being a part of these things I was also totally free.

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