Saturday, June 30, 2007


Gabriel got surgery on his ankle yesterday and so I spent the day in the hospital today hanging out with him as he recovered from the surgery, watching him press the button for his morphine drip, throwing up, and nodding off every so often. There were also nice snatches of conversation, a fair bit of laughing, and many, many moments throughout the day where, grateful, I realized how much pleasure I recieve from just the company of my friends, that despite the setting and the circumstances I had a nice day.

I started reading Rabbit Redux on the long train ride uptown and got really into it, enjoyed those first thirty pages very much so. I am in awe of these thirty pages, of some of these sentences. Updike, in these Rabbit books, is a staggeringly good writer.

Adele moved out of my apartment today. JJ is moving in soon. Niki may move into the first floor. There are these changes and then there are so many things that seem to never change. These aforementioned changes in residence as well as other types of changes occuring around me make me too aware of the things that aren't changing, of the things that are not keeping pace with their surroundings, that some things, seemingly most things, are changing in ways for the better, and yet these other things never left that small town, instead watched enviously as everyone else moved to the city.

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