Friday, June 29, 2007

I watched the sunset last night from a roof in Bushwick. With the clouds and the fog of heat, the sunset looked like something out of Ghostbusters 2, intense swirls and streaks of colors that seemed somehow a bit ominous, a bit tomorrow-the-world-is-going-to-end. I need to clip my fingernails. I need to do many things. Fingernails, however, a much easier thing to contemplate, the solution pretty obvious. And yet even with this obvious solution, the thing seeming to take too much time right now. I should not be typing these non-things here for the same reasons of time, should not be doing so because I need to be leaving my house right now to accompany a friend to the hospital so he can get pins in his ankle.

I finished the book I was reading yesterday. There are several in my house unread, but none that I am really excited about it. I think there is an analogy waiting to be made here, but again let me point to that lack of time right now as the excuse for failing to make that analogy.

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