Monday, June 4, 2007

There had been a point in the afternoon, sullen and moody, where I had said that I was leaving after I finished this drink, at that point only my second. But people left and people came and with those changes my mood perked up a lot, perked up more as at some point I found myself alone, Nathan making out with someone, and all these people, many cute boys, all there to meet and talk to and connect with. The rain was pouring, the first rain in about two weeks, much needed, and to be there in the company of all these other people sheltered from the rain, convening underneath a dripping roof, felt so lovely, the sound of the rainfall complementing excellently the excited, indistiguishable voices, the bar noise.

I talked to various people, bouncing here and there, in love wtih these brief sparks and the glow of their attention. Finally this one boy, Moses, was about to leave with his friends and asked if we could kiss beforehand. We did so, the kiss turned into its plural, kisses, turned into making out, and then turned into a confession that he wanted to come home with me. And this boy with the biblical name walked home with me through the rain. We smoked cigarettes, drank some beer, and he played with my iPod, putting on, as if he needed to do anymore to win me over, the Shangri-las. He talked about wanting to be able to heal people.

In my bed, touching each other, with gusts of wind, little droplets of rain, coming out the window above us, cool, would hit our bodies, and the sensation of that further heightened the one, the pleasurable one, I was already experiencing. I leave for Miami in twenty minutes and have yet to pack a thing.

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