Sunday, July 15, 2007

I am in Chicago and am having such a lovely time. I am writing from the computer of the house I am staying in while my hosts are asleep and while Ben is in the shower, and thus this will be brief. Today, I saw great performances from Voxtrot, Beach House, Cat Power, Girl Talk, and Yoko Ono. All were totally amazing. Yoko Ono led everyone in a singalong of "War is Over if You Want It." The experience was magical. Each of those bands listed provided a very unique experience, all amazing in their own way.

The train ride to Chicago was also really lovely and filled with amazing sights. All this hyperbole, you might say - what with the amazings and greats and lovelys - but the adjectives are true and fit.

I gave a love letter to Ramesh from Voxtrot tonight at this bar, made out with a cute boy, and drank lots of Colt 45. There is obviously more to say (there always is), but those things will have to wait until I have more time and don't have a bed calling my name. Tomorrow should bring about more good music, hopefully more nice weather, as well as nice interactions, and then Monday is a jaunt to Wisconisn, which has been christened Powerwaukee, called this even though Milwaukee is not on the itenerary. On it though are the Dells and Madison! I love you and want to love things a lot more and a lot more earnestly after watching Ono perform. God! I do! I love you!

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