Monday, July 14, 2008

in between here and dreams of there

I have had some coffee - that much is true and perhaps my excitement could be attributed to chemistry, to biology, to the way my body responds to certain chemicals, specifically caffeine, but I was excited even this morning prior to ingesting a cup of Americano, waking up at eight without an alarm, and I am so excited because today is my last day in this city of Oaxaca, because last night Caroline and I bought bus tickets at this depot by our hotel, ten dollars for a seven hour ride on a second-class bus that may or may not have a bathroom to Puerto Escondido. The bus leaves at 10:30 tonight and I cannot wait. I am feeling excited again, am so excited about seeing a new place, about swimming in the ocean tomorrow, about leaving this town, about cheap accomadations in hammocks ahead of us, and about the rest of my trip. Oaxaca is a really cute colonial city in the mountains and there are lots of neat things to see nearby, but we have seen them, and it is time to move on. Last night, I had lots of dreams of New York City and its boys, crazy dreams all night long, me longing for something and specific people, and maybe that is why I woke up so early also, to end those longing dreams. But really, it was more like that feeling of being a little kid and it being Christmas morning and continually waking up, excited about the day to come, about the presents, unable to sleep. And I am going to the beach tonight and maybe Hurricane Elida might make things unpleasant at the beach, might make the already dangerous currents there even more so, but I am saying goodbye and moving on - a sensation I will never tire of.

I am listening to The Game right now as I type at this internet cafe across the street from where Bonnie is sitting in the dentist´s office, and I somehow cleared all the music off my iPod before I left and I miss this stuff so much, good American pop music. When I get home, I am turning on my radio and leaving it on until I pass out, will listen to Power 105 and Hot 97 and KTU and will listen to pop music that I love and dance dance dance. There will probably be some opportunities to dance at Puerto Escondido, probably cheesy straight beach bars, but I will take what I can get, especially since it will probably be a couple of weeks until I can dance to pop after that, until I travel back to Mexico City at the end of the month.

From Puerto Escondido, our plan is to travel to the other, more quiet beaches - to Zipolte and Mazunte, which both sound so amazing and beautiful. And then from there, we are going to travel to Tuxtla, to check out the amazing canyon nearby there, and then to take the bus to San Cristobal, travelling through the mountains of Chiapas. And then from San Cristobal, we are going to go to the ruins and waterfalls of Palenque, staying in the community of El Panchan, which is supposed to be really fun and hippyish. And then a fifteen hour bus ride back to Mexico City. Did I mention how excited I am?

There are headlines about hurricanes on all the daily newspapers here for sale on the street, headlines I can half-read because of my very limited Spanish, headlines also about mudslides in Mexico City closing the major highway because of all the rain. And it rained and rained throughout the evening yesterday, into the night, all this water, this crazy weather, and I want to dance with you. My head is bobbing here to "Game´s Pain" in anticipation of then and of tonight and a bus ride ahead of me, the head bobbing my body´s way of expressing the pleasure I am feeling, a pleasure stemming somehow both from a feeling of being content and yet also of being restless - the feeling of content because I know that my restlessness will soon be put at ease, a bumpy long bus ride carrying me from one place to another.

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