Sunday, July 20, 2008


A couple of nights ago, I bought a slice of pot cake, twenty pesos, from this hippy couple of a dirt road. Afterwards, I hiked up to Punta Comeda to watch the sunset. It was so spectacular a setting from which to view the setting of the sun, and was probably the prettiest setting I have ever watched a sunset from. The walk back through the dark woods was really beautiful also, fireflies shooting off to my left and then to my right, little fireworks out of every corner of my eye. That night was also a full moon and so the waves were ferocious. I don´t understand science that much, don´t understand what the relationship is between the moon and the ocean, how a full moon makes the waves go crazy, but that there is a relationship is proof of magic to me, of some deep order to this world that I have yet to parse out, but which comforts me nonetheless, knowing that there are these connections to giant oceans and moons overhead.

We arrived in Zipolite yesterday, even more a hippy beach town than Mazunte, and dropped off our stuff at Ivan´s house and went to the beach with him. There is a running theme in my life of an inability to discern proper limits and to take in an excessive amount of things that I enjoy, often to harmful effects. Yesterday´s example was the sun. I splashed around naked on this Pacific beach all day long and was so in love with it all, with my ability to swim around naked on this beautiful beach and to lie and walk around, to look at strangers, that I didn´t really consider what effects the intense sun was having on my body. And despite applying heavy sunscreen throughout the day, I got sunburned, painfully so on my ass and thighs. Putting on underwear after showering last night was a painful experience. I still have a few more days of beach time and am sad that I am burned, sad that I may have to take shelter underneath an umbrella from now on.

Caroline, Bonnie, and I watched a circus performance last night at this oceanfront bar - jugglers throwing around glowing and burning objects. We then went to hear a salsa band, and then following the advice of some guy on the street went to La Isla, a stretch of sand on the beach where there were lots of dreaded people, a drum circle, lots of pot smoking, and fire dancing. Some nice stoner girl sold me such an incredibly large amont of weed for ten dollars - probably eight or ten times as much as I would buy for fifty in New York. And so my next few days, the days in which I should probably consume this stuff before travelling onwards again, are going to be totally absurd and hopefully intensely beautiful.

I slept in Ivan´s bed, the two of us covered by a mosquito net. I was too tired, too hot, and too sunburned to participate in the sex last night, fell asleep before orgasm. This boy is really horny and really sexy also, and woke me up early this morning by playing with my dick. He got me excited, put a condom on me, and we had really fun sex, shielded from the world, from the morning, by a white shroud around us, the mosquito night. Afterwards, we slept for a while longer and then slipped out from underneath the cocoon, had coffee.

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