Thursday, July 24, 2008

San Cristobal

I arrived in San Cristobal sometime this afternoon, a ride in a van taking me to this town from another town in Chiapas, Tuxtla Guiterrez. I spent yesterday, exploring the nearby Sumidero Canyon, a beautiful boat ride down the river through the canyon, seeing gators and monkeys out in the wild, thoughts of God in my head.

I haven´t shaved since I arrived in Mazunte. The bathrooms there were just cold water showerheads, no sinks with mirrors. It has been a week or so and it is weird to catch sight of myself with some facial hair.

Older men, when they leave restaurants after their meal, they say ¨Buen Provecho¨ to the people they pass on their way out. I really love this custom.

I have dropped off my stuff at a cute hotel nearby and eaten comida corrida. I think I am going to find myself a cold beer before meeting back up with these other people I am travelling with.

I really love Mexico a lot, but there are certainly things I miss. On the ride to this town, the radio was playing at a really low volume, or maybe even just from the front speakers, and anyways I could barely hear it, but was straining so hard to, the songs cheesy light rock songs, English songs that I really miss.

I saw the new Batman movie last night during the rain. It was amazing. Afterwards, some people in the mall parking lot offered us a ride back into town. They took us to some club. I was not allowed in, still dressed as if I was at the beach, flip-flops, shorts, sleeveless shirt. We went to some divey bar instead, which sat across from the mariachi park, making the mistake of asking our taxi driver to take to us a fun bar with music, dancing, and beer. Instead, a loud band playing some type of music, people, older and sad looking, sitting at their tables, lots of people drinking alone, everyone drinking Sol, no one really dancing. A man with a broken arm kept giving Caroline sex stares and the man at the table next to us showed me pictures of waterfalls on his phone. Because my Spanish sucks, I really couldn´t tell why he came over to show them to me. He might have been gay, but probably just weird. And there is a theme of waterfalls that I have yet to totally figure out the meaning of, Bonnie obsessed with visiting them, Wong Kar-Wei´s ¨Happy Together,¨ and the TLC song all being brought forth with all these allusions to them, with all these pictures of them hanging in hotels and cheap restaurants and appearing on the cellphones of strangers. Something about please stick to the rivers and the lakes that you are used to and to not chase waterfalls, and I am far from home.

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