Friday, July 18, 2008


Last night, after eating some really cheap fish dinner on the beach, we lingered over the table drinking beer, and watched as a beautiful full moon rose over the ocean, huge and colorful, behind some amazing rocks jutting out of the ocean. I though Puerto Escondido was extremely beautiful, but Mazunte is somehow even more so. It is a really small beach town, barely anything except some cabanas on the beach. We hiked to the top of these rocks overlooking the ocean and could see giant rays swimming below. I imagined myself living here last night, how nice that would be.

Today, Bonnie and Caroline went on a boating tour. I flagged down a camineta on the main road, hopped in the back of the pickup truck, rode to Zipolite, paid the amazingly low five pesos (fifty cents) and explored that town. After walking around, I plopped down on the nude section of the beach, played in the water, had a beer, and then tried to light a cigarette.

This Mexican dude - lots of international tourists at these beaches - who was not naked came over to me, seeing that I was unable to get my lighter to work. He tried to help me get it to work and the entire time I was very confused, having thought this was some straight dude checking out the naked ladies on the beach, and wondering why he was sitting, chatting, with some naked guy, me. He mentioned he lived in Zipolite. I asked him if he lived on the beach - this conversation in his bad English and my bad Spanish. He said he lived nearby and asked me if I wanted to see his house.

We walked to his house. There, we started kissing and fell into his bed. We had sex. He asked me to stay for apple pie that he had made and coffee. I did. We chatted despite significant language barriers. He told me I could stay with him. We had sex again. And apparently we have a beautiful place to stay in Zipolite for free with some really sexy 26 year old. Mexico is such an awesome place. People are so friendly here. And these beaches, oh man - I am not sure if I have ever seen more beautiful scenes of nature in my life. I am recalling the images I saw yesterday and they don´t seem real; they seem the imaginings of some postcard manufacturer. I saw them again today, and somehow they are real, and luckily I am here.

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