Thursday, August 1, 2002

alfred hitchcock, i hate you

I am so scared to get back in my bed. I was in that almost asleep zone when I heard stuff crashing off of our desk, and I exclaimed, "What the fuck?" to no one since no one is in here, brushing it off, thinking that something was just on the edge of the desk, and tried to fall back asleep. Seconds later, I felt something fly by my head and heard something scraping against the ceiling, no more than two feet above my head, since I sleep on the top bunk. I screamed, hopped out of bed, ran for the light, flipped it, and saw a little brown bird, flying like a maniac around our tiny little room, our room which is tiny as hell. I thought it was going to poke out my eyes and that I was going to die, die, die. It fluttered around my head, and I am pretty sure it is still in our room since I didn't see it go into the hall and how the hell did a bird get into our room?

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