Tuesday, August 13, 2002


Wisconsin is now a street, a horribly commercial one with scary people who give me looks of death, of what the fuck do you want, of why the hell are you here, here? And I sort of love it - DC has welcomed me back with closed arms, with closed bars - and it is an enitrelly lovely feeling - of being at home for a short while, short enough to make me miss the place, to make me wish I was staying longer.

Bonnie is in the shower now, probably for a very long time since she usually is, and so I am taking the time to update here in my new house that I saw for the first time yesterday, when Bonnie and I stumbled into the unlocked door, stumbling out of her four door Ford something or other, stumbling off of the American roads, off of near death experiences on I-76, of truckers running us off the road in the dark of night on mountainous roads. The night before the one I just woke up from was spent in the town of Somerset, PA - which we got off in right after the aforementioned near death experience and slept in a thirty-two dollar motel reading magazines and watching bad music on MTV.

Yesterday, after we stopped in my house and before we were supposed to meet up with my family for dinner was spent driving around DC doing the touristy sightseeing thing before going to Georgetown, which Bonnie wanted to see, and which we saw, which we walked around down M Street and Wisconsin Avenue and which made me realize that I really do hate Georgetown, that is a huge outdoor mall for rich kids, and that it is not for me. Not at all. We got in the car again, since it was 103 degrees and also sense I was just getting annoyed with Georgetown and headed off towards Old Town we sat and had some coffee before meeting up with my family, seeing them for the first time in months and eating pizza, a food that brings me back to home so much no matter where I am, brings me back to pick-up specials at Pizza Boli's and ordering pizza a couple times a week and yeah, do we love pizza in my house.

This entry is really blah blah blah but you know what, I am not in the mood, am still too groggy, am rushing to write something anything before Bonnie steps back out of the shower. So yeah, time to go, naked boys at Wet, lack of people, Monday nights are dreary, five dollar beer at a swank chill-out lounge, hanging out in my basement, off now to explore DC more.

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