Wednesday, August 21, 2002

got milks?

I have just signed a lease for a house that god willing I will pay for on Friday, assuming that the checks from both my mom and my last job arrive here within the next day or so, and also assuming that Bank of America has not permanetly closed my account. But all of that is silly, it is worrying about monetary stuff, it is unavoidable - I am reality, or this is mine and I have passively accepted it, I know that I need to get a job to get some cash so that when someone asks me to go get pizza with them, I do not have to explain to them that, "No, seriously, I really am that broke, I have negative money up the wazoo, I could not buy a pack of gum right now even if my chomping heart desired nothing more in this world." Now of course, I could just steal a pack of gum if I were so desirious of fucking bubble gum because I have been doing quite a lot of the looting these past couple days with Bonnie who is also sort of broke. We have been making the daily trips to a rotating grocery store, to spice it up, to stick out less in the employee's memories, and have been stealing our food, what keeps us going, the good stuff dropping into our bellies, and also stealing beer which we down like we are living in the end times once the sun goes down and sometimes we get started even before the sun goes down. But yeah, I are working to better my current financial situation - I am going job-hunting this afternoon.

In other news, stuff that is far more exciting, I kissed a boy last night. His name is Shawn. He is cute.

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