Saturday, August 10, 2002

Dave Eggers has a novel coming out September 20th, and an excerpt is in this week's New Yorker. I just found this out, and am so eager to read it, and am so sad that all the bookstores are closed, that I have to wait until tomorrow to go pick up the magazine. I want to read the story right fucking now, damnit!! There is an interview with Eggers on the New Yorker web site, that has me slightly worried. The book is about two Americans flying around the world and giving away money - it sounds like it has so much potential to annoy me, that Eggers may stumble and that book may be rife with colonialist/imperalist implications. But just for that reason, I am so excited, to give the book a postcolonial reading and to see if it holds up. I mean, I kind of want to read it but also am nervous about it, because Eggers is by far my favorite writer but I mean that's a pretty easy thing to be when you have such a small body of work - I've read his memoir and his short story, "After I Was Thrown into the River and Before I've Drowned" - both of which I thought were fucking amazing just because they are so Whitmanic, so concerned with mobility and written with a fast pace. And so I don't want to see Eggers trip, to dissapoint me - I like thinking of him as one of my literary gods, and so I am keeping my fingers crossed and hoping that this new book does not dissapoint. God, I wish the bookstore was open so much right now.

All I have eaten today was a bowl of salad, I was doing a sort of fast, and I was trying not to eat again before I went to bed but I am so hungry and am seriously getting light-headed and faint, I might have to microwave a burrito. I was fasting because my stomach and bowels have been utterly insane these past few days, and they both feel better now, but I am just worried about throwing a burrito into the volcano that is my stomach, but we don't have anything more bland, anything non-frozen.

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