Thursday, October 10, 2002

the best of David Brain, the worst of me

I just got back my Social Theory paper and boy, oh boy, does David Brain like to let loose in these evaluations. Here is a sampling:

"Again, your reading seems unbalanced by your desire to paint Mill with a particular critical brush. I find the accusation of an "entre nous" style as a "sly technique" a particular outrageous move in this regard."

"...but I would encourage you to tame the rhetoric and stop looking for imperialist outrages long enough to engage the theory itself. Your writing is sharp and your ideas are clearly articulated - although sometimes involving questionable interpretive moves. You do both yourself and the principles to which you are clearly committed a serious disservice when you engage in this kind of basically empty rhethoric."

At least I sated the paper though. This is the second super critical paper evaluation I have gotten back this semester. I got my paper back from Miriam Wallace last week and that made me want to cry. Oh well. I just need to write about boring, easy things like gender I guess. Stuff like that is always acceptable for some reason.

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