Saturday, October 19, 2002

everybody's working for the weekend or something like that

I just biked downtown and back to deposit my paycheck at the bank, and in a short half hour I will be again biking down the wonderfully gorgeous stretch of US 41 to Domino's, where I for some insane reason am working ten and a half hours today. Three until closing, which is about one-thirty. This did not seem so insane when I read the schedule. 3-close. But now that I have down the math, I think this is fucking insanity. I better be fed lots of free pizza is all I know.

I just want to stay outside all motherfucking day, it is so slighly warm and sunny and perfect out right now. The perfect biking weather.

Last night, I finished Middlesex which I could not put down for the last 200 pages - I just wanted to see what happened next, how this resolved that, and would not even take a break to eat even though I was pretty hungry. I was reading it for this Contemporary Fiction IRP I am doing with my roommates and Johnny Moore - now I have to do the reading for my actual classes, the ones with Schatz and Wallace, reading which makes me stressed because it reminds of those professors, my situations with both of them, my lack of a major, and how I still have no idea what the hell I am going to do about graduating from this place, how I am supposed to meet with Wallace soon after break to discuss this, this stressful stuff - which I have avoided thinking about all fall break pretty successfully.

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