Saturday, October 12, 2002

a white minivan

"I wouldn't want the people of Virginia to focus just on white vans," Massengill said. "We don't want preconceived notions out there. But certainly . . . you have to play the hand that you're dealt. And the information that has come to us deals with white vans. So we're still interested in white vans."

My mom drives a white minivan - she lives in Virginia. I am still interested in white vans - I always have been. It has been an object to which I have always been drawn. You guys are late to the game. People at work remind me, "Oh, you're from that area of Virginia right?" And I nod my head, sometimes engage in conversation, listen to them talk about punishment and killing. And my mom drives a white minivan - I wonder if she thinks about this - I wonder if it bothers her, if she is worried when driving that other cars fear her, that the occupants of these cars think that maybe she is the sniper, a killer.

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