Saturday, November 8, 2003

Probably #1 on "Things That I Miss List" has to be my Fever to Tell cd that I left at the place I subletted at the beginning of the summer. I have been listening to the same Yeah Yeah Yeah's song, "Bang," over and over for the past hour or so that I downloaded from their site. Man, it is no lie, I love Karen O and listening to this song makes me want that album. Peter said he would burn me a copy. In which case, it would lose its position on "Things That I Miss List," would in fact not be on the list at all.

Other things that would be on this list in no particular order are: my glasses, various items of clothing, having clear skin, my childhood dogs, my pair of nail clippers, two notebooks, the leg painting.

Things I want in a very particular order that all should be attainable: A new job at a school where I can take classes for free, to learn to play the guitar, a cute boy to make out with, a new bike seat.

Of probably unrelated interest, if even of interst at all, I love giving myself haircuts and more often than not they look totally awful. But it's fucking hair, it grows back, it is there to play with, to chop at will. Sort a faux-hawk, but more so just a bad haircut, but it's okay because I live in Williamsburg and I can make it pass for "hip". Hopefully.

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