Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Echinacea, ibuprofen, Sudafed, multivitamin, and then while I was trying to swallow this Vitamin C pill, that's what got caught in my throat. I gagged and started coughing. Coughing led to dry heaving, which led to me running to my toilet. And thankfully, I did not throw up the breakfast I had just ate. Instead, I threw up a bunch of snot that had been in the back of my throat and seemed like it would never go away. Thank fuck!

Why do I feel so good? I was so sure last night while smoking pot, while getting drunk, while dancing, while smoking cigarettes, while getting further drunk, that I was bound to wake up painfully ill and even more sick than I was yesterday. The night before last I coddled this cold, sleeping a lot, drinking a lot of juice, and what happens? I just felt even worse. But last night, treating my body like shit, ignoring the symptoms I had had just a short while earlier, by doing that, I am able to wake up today on four hours of sleep feeling totally amazing. I don't understand. Feist is playing in my ears. That could be a reason.

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