Thursday, September 7, 2006

I have to go to work soon. I don't feel tired, shitty, or hungover, but I normally don't after going out the evening before until I have been awake for a couple of hours. I imagine it might hit me come one o'clock, but if not, excellent.

I tried to go to the Michel Gondry opening at Deitch Projects, however, so did half of New York, and so I waited in a line that wrapped around the block before finally giving up and, with Bri and Ben, went to Niki's. Then I went to the watering dens of the rich with these three because there were open bars happening there. Open bars are amazing for many reasons, not the least of which is the exploring of new bars you would otherwise never go to without the incentive of free booze. So we went to Sway and drank some Italian beer that I found to be pretty gross and undrinkable. Then we hopped on the subway and went to some fashion party at Bed that Niki somehow was on the list for. And it was here that I had my most exciting celebrity sighting in New York to date. As we were getting in line to get in the club, Jay-Z was coming out of the club. He walked past us and was within inches, this person that I used to see on music videos all the time when I was in high school, and who, at the time, seemed like this emblem of tough New York. So that was pretty exciting. Also exciting was this open bar that seemed to be going on all night with pretty much everything as part of the open bar. There were also decadent finger foods being carried around: salmon and caviar on crackers, deep fried artichoke hearts, and duck quesidillas. There was a bed that I lounged on with these free drinks, free fancy finger goods, and friends that make me happy. There was a boy that was really cute there in a vest. I danced a little at the end to some songs, including some by Jay-Z.

Hall and Oates is the best thing to listen to on these mornings and the sun is shining unhesitantly for the first time in what seems like weeks, and tonight, the fun continues. A girl last night, a stranger, while I was dancing, told me to never stop moving. With that, I am off to work.

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