Sunday, September 24, 2006

i keep forgettin'

Not until yesterday, in the McKibbin loft, playing Michael McDonald's "I Keep Forgettin'" over and over on YouTube, did I realize that this song, McDonald's, is where the sample from Warren G's "Regulate" comes from. This morning in the shower, the two were in my head together, layered one on top of the next, seeming like an important manifestation of unities in this world - the same path a riverbed takes found in your vein structure, found in the path tree branches grow and split along.

There is something in these songs. I don't know what and I am not sure, with even a lifetime of listening, I would ever be able to get at what that thing is, aside from the slight intimations of that thing I get when I am really drunk and/or really caffeinated. The world and all its loveliness are in these two songs, I am convinced.

I love certain human beings a lot. Things can be so good, I can't handle it. This, and other things, I thought about last night after being with friends and then being alone with a cheeseburger from La Bonita, a cheeseburger that went down my throat like some elixir out of a fairytale, so yummy that burger, so good that, other things, life.

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