Sunday, December 10, 2006

Last night, I went to Bank for the Butt book party. There was a two hour open bar, a performance by Final Fantasy, and homos homos homos. I met some nice boys last night. I have two phone numbers now, which I am very nervous about calling. I made out with one boy briefly last night, who has my number, and whom I really hope calls me.

There is this one boy, Rich, who I have liked for a while and whom genuinely seemed like he wanted to hang out when he gave me his number. His is the number I am really nervous about calling. I really wish someone with social skills on the phone could give me lessons in how to behave properly and not appear like a crazy person on the phone.

That is the only reason this is locked, because I don't want any of these boys to read this, but man, I love boys! crushes! life!

Today, I bought this anal vibrator at a scuzzy sex shop in Times Sqaure. I also bought poppers and lube and so had a pretty fun time this afternoon masturbating in the fading light of this cold Sunday in December. Pictures TK.

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