Thursday, December 14, 2006

Shortly after nine o'clock, I got a call from my sister's phone number, someone other than her, some guy, talking. One of her co-workers had called me to tell me that she was wasted and I should come get her. I was very confused since my sister is normally pretty straightlaced and doesn't drink, sort of rolls her eyes at me when I do, and even more confused because this party had started an hour ago, wondering how she could have gotten so drunk so quickly, so early. I think that this boy might just be the hysterical type and so I ask if she can stand up, and he says no. So I paused The Devil Wears Prada (which by the way, as far as mainstream pop movies go, is so enjoyable) and headed up to midtown.

No joke, my sister was wasted and totally confused. I tried to get a cab, but there were none for the having, all occupied, at this time in midtown. And so I got her on the subway reluctantly, her falling, or holding tightly on to poles saying she wasn't drunk, that she was fine, and that we should go back to the party.

This was particularly painful because it forced me to confront my own behavior while drunk, knowing that I too am pretty obnoxious when wasted, which is fairly often, and which needs to quit happening. Drinking is fine, but if I ever approach how annoying my sister was last night, then it is not fine. She was so beligerent, saying she was going to call people while we were in the subway, and though there was no reception down there, that did not quit her from trying. She tried to run away a couple of times, but since she more like carreened slowly like a wasted person, it wasn't too hard to prevent her from leaving.

As soon as we were on the NR, I was already regretting not having waited longer for a cab because she was loud and wasted and started arguing with the guy sitting across from us. We got off the train at Union Square and I was really dreading her putting on this same show on the L train and so I went to the front of the train, hoping that there would be less people there that I cared about being embarrassed in front of. Again, she kept on trying to make phone calls, yelling at me about how she hated Brooklyn and wanted to go back to the party, wanted to go to Jersey, on and on. All these people on the platform staring at us. Once on the subway, she was falling again. I tried to catch her at one point and her head snapped back up and popped me in the chin. My chin is still sore and not as swollen as it was last night. I finally got her home and because she was driving me crazy, I finally made her go in my room and sleep, telling her I wanted to read.

I know she is really embarrassed about it now, since she slipped out at 5:30 this morning with some absurd excuse about going to Kinko's. It was such a weird experience. Rich called me at 11:30 last night to tell me he had just finished decorating his tree and wasn't going to go out. I was really happy that he called because I was resigning myself to him not calling right when he did. I might see him tonight, might not.

I am also scared now that my sister knows about my livejournal now since she used my computer last night right when Rich called, right when I had left it as I was starting to write an LJ entry. So that's kind of scary. Um, I am off to work after getting little sleep because of my sister, because of drinking too much coffee last evening, and because this futon sucks! But, the sun is already out! And I have music to listen to and I book I want to read, and things are great, new!

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