Sunday, December 31, 2006

a plane ticket bought, a date for change set

02 Feb 07 91 New York, JFK 4:50pm Oakland, CA 8:25pm 0
11 Feb 07 96 Oakland, CA 11:20am New York, JFK 7:45pm 0

On Tuesday, I am going to put in notice at my job that my last day will be February 1. My buying this plane ticket to go visit Bonnie was a way of not chickening out from doing this. The world is so big and all mine, and I know that I could be doing better things with my time and getting paid better to do it, and I am going to just jump and hope that there is something to catch me, but I am pretty positive that there will be because I am feeling so good and so confident about how things will work out, that that positive energy either must surely have a positive effect, or that that positive energy is already the proof that things are going to work out well, that I am so happy because the future is already determined and it looks pretty good. I am not sure which, but man, I will be happy in many ways to not be working at this job, and also sad in many ways. I do love copyediting, however I do not love transcribing, and I do not love being a part-time employee with no health benefits, even though I am surely slowly developing carpal tunnel syndrome by transribing all day long. And I do not love reading about disgusting capitalists exploiting the resources of poorer countries for their own profit. If I read one more CEO interview of a junior mining company, I am going to punch something, someone.

This could be a very stupid decision of mine, but I am sure I have made stupider decisions, and you have to try to live the life you want even if you do fail miserably, which I don't think I will.

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