Tuesday, December 12, 2006

There are two things that I pass in the morning on my way into work here that when I notice them, which sadly is not every morning, provoke a smile, a titter, or a roll of the eyes from me. As I walk up 6th Avenue from the Herald Square subway stop, I first pass this electronics store. They have a flat screen TV in the window that constantly plays Britney Spears music videos, nothing but them, and every morning, I woke past Brittney, always wondering if they are going to change it up, put something else on that flat screen TV, but every morning, there she is like it is still 1999, doing synchronized dances in tight outfits. Further past this, just across the street is a shoe store called “Shoes are Hot”.

There are other things that I pass each morning, things less absurd, but which also give me a nice sense of comfort to pass them every morning – an evening dress store with sequined dresses in the window, the man with his fruit stand on the corner of 37th and 6th, further down 37th, a man with a coffee cart, and further beyond that, a porn shop a couple doors down from my work.

I walked past these things three hours ago now, and since that time, have sat here at this computer, occasionally looking out the window.

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