Saturday, January 13, 2007

deliver the letter - the sooner, the better

Out of all the modern conveniences, the one that gives the most pleasure day in and day out, the one that I would be really sad about the lack of were I suddenly warped back in time a couple of centuries, is modern plumbing and water boilers - the ability to take a hot shower. Standing under a shower head and just being lost in pleasure, in feeling like you are waking up, cleansing yourself of things, is a pleasure that is unequaled in its consistency. There are surely things that give more pleasure, but not so every single day. The proof of how important this thing is lies in how irritable I get (and presumably you also) when there is no hot water.

Fairly hungover, waking up sometime past noon, I spent so long in that hot shower, feeling totally amazing. Just standing there, letting that hot water beat against my back, soothing that stiffness, easing me into the day.

The hungoverness of earlier today is not surprising, but thanks of course to that hot shower, to some coffee, and to Jill Scott I am again feeling alive. I drank a large amount of beer last night, got stoned, did some duster, and then drank more beer at this party we were at, finding cans of beer left around and drinking them, so many of them. JD from Le Tigre was djing at Glasslands, and man oh man, that playlist was made for me. I lost my mind a couple of times, a couple of my very favorite songs were played, songs which are normally not played at dance parties. Not enough oldies are played at dance parties, which I think is stupid, because some of these songs are more rocking, more emotional than anything with crazy hard bass lines, which I love also, and which I danced to there also, but I did not lose my mind so much for those songs as for The Marvelettes' "Please Mr. Postman." I don't know if you know how totally mind bogglingly amazing this song is and how heartbreaking, but if you don't, I suggest you download it. Also played were Martha and the Vandellas' "Dancing in the Streets," Aretha Franklin's "Think," and Paul Simon's "Call Me Al." I can't think of the last time I went to a dance party and could so clearly remember what songs were played the day after the party.

The laundromat never found my jeans. Tomorrow, a trip might be made to the Herald Square Forever 21 to see if they still have those jeans. I am going to eat some food and then try to apply to a bunch of jobs this evening. I have a "preliminary job interview" (not sure what that means) on Thursday. I have lots of dreams lately.

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