Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Tomorrow is my last day of working in the offices of my job. Yesterday, in anticipation of these changes and giddy as hell, feeling like Muriel saying goodbye to Porpoise Spit, I began to say goodbye to the things that entertain me everyday on my way to work - to the electronics store that has played nothing but Britney Spears videos in their window since I started this job, to the store with all the tiaras in the window, and to the store called simply "Shoes are Hot."

Last night was lovely. I went over to this boy's house and helped him make a giant paper crane. I played Skeeball and pool at a bar with him and his roommate, and then slept in his bed, cuddling up with him all night. All I had been wanting for the past few days was just this - to be in the arms of someone throughout the night or to have someone in my arms, to be able to feel another body in those moments when I jolt awake briefly in the middle of the night. When I got home this morning, I could smell him on my skin and hesitated about taking a shower, wanting to be able to smell him throughout the day. I have other things though, images mentally stored of him on a ladder hanging this crane and of the snow falling, the world a beautiful snow globe for a couple moments, and so I took a shower, making it hotter and hotter, standing there, losing myself, not wanting to get out of that hot shower, not wanting to go to these last couple days of work.

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