Friday, January 19, 2007

terence koh

I looked out my kitchen window this morning and said something like Wow, Fuck, or one of those other words of Astonishment. I had gotten home sometime late, two something, three something, not sure, and didn't remember any snow accumulated anywhere at that point, but there on the roofs behind my house, white and white and white, all so beautiful in the early morning sunlight. There is not really any on the ground and I am sure the little snow on these roofs will probably have melted by this afternoon, but the snow, even knowing how short-lived and how little an amount it is, is so beautiful.

It seemed very appropriate for all this white to be there, everywhere. It seemed like a logical continuation of last night. Last night, I attended one of the most amazing events I have been to in so long. There was an afterparty at Detich Projects to celebrate Terence Koh's show at the Whitney. It was so opulent and so well executed and totally beautiful. So amazingly beautiful. You had to be dressed in all white to get in, which made the event all the more amazing. Everyone angelic in this room of white fog. You were handed a white veil to wear also once inside. Everything was white. The drinks were white cranberry juice and vodka. In the middle of the room, hidden by all this fog, was a big sculpture, a ball with rods emanating from it, which was lit up later in the evening when Terence performed. There were underage boys with white ash on their legs, walking around in tighty whities and white veils like zombies. There was a person playing a white piano wearing white robes and with a face hidden by a giant white wig.

Like this morning when looking at the snow on neighboring rooftops, I was just totally astonished again and again every time I took in the scene I was in last night. The word I used last night was dream. I said it again and again, the entire thing feeling so unreal. I had gone out to some galleries beforehand and had a really good time, and went out to the afterafterparty at 205 later and that also was fun, but neither came close to affecting me the way this party at Deitch did. It was incredibly beautiful.

This morning I really do love New York.

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