Saturday, January 13, 2007

let's hear it for white people

There is a really funny, really biting scene in Dreamgirls, where the Dreams record a version of "Cadillac Car," only to have it covered by a white group that totally neuters the song of any of its original soul, and which of course is the version that gets picked up by radio. I can't help but think of that as I was looking for the Marvelettes' version of "Please Mr. Postman" on YouTube, there being one version, and there being so many versions of the Carpenters' cover of it as well as The Beatles' cover of the song. The difference between the Marvelettes version and the Carpenters version is that exact same scene from Dreamgirls. The Carpenters version is so awful, so painfully white. The Beatles version is good and understands the song, that the song is a painful one, and it is supposed to be a crazed lament.

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