Sunday, November 4, 2007

I met a boy last night with a religious name, a Christ I could worship, that I was forced to. For someone around my age, some cute looking boy, innocent enough, he has a dirty side that I normally don't even find in much older people. The role playing was fun, was perhaps the most intense form it has ever taken. I might see him tonight again, though there is some reluctance on my part to have to play this role multiple times, that one time is fine, but it seems that there will be expectations for a reprising of the same role and maybe that's okay, but maybe it's not. And it is a bit of modesty, a bit of shame even, that is holding me back from detailing this, but also the constraints of time, as I need to leave my house soon. I might return to this topic later since it was something new and thrilling and odd.

I saw Xanadu yesterday for the second time, this time with my family. I am off to go see a stage production of Die Mommie Die. I have been drinking a lot this weekend and most of it is a blur and this upcoming week will be a chance, hopefully, to balance that out, to take various tasks seriously, to buckle down, and be productive in the various ways that I would like to be and that I also need to be.

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