Friday, November 9, 2007

some quick notes

This past week, I haven't had the time to update properly here, haven't had the time to detail the going ons of this week. And again, I am faced with a shortage of time, having to leave my house very shortly to go see Tom Stoppard's Rock N Roll. And though I am in the early stages of a cold, have a foggy head and am unbelievably tired, I am still so so excited about seeing this production. I have really high expectations and I think they may be exceeded.

This week, I blew off an interview at a fancy pants job not once, but twice, in the process alienating myself from yet another temp agency in this city. I worked one day at an erotic massage parlor and that is a story I mean to write this weekend, it being weird and sleazy in both good and bad ways. My second day was supposed to be today but there is that cold that I made reference to earlier, and so I am going to try it out again next week and see if I like it better, see if I do better. It is an America that I have always been attracted to, that I wasn't sure was still present.

I went to yoga this week and felt really good afterward and want to have that feeling more often, am going to try to start going regularly.

I am going to be an elf this holiday season at a fancy pants store and live out some version of Holidays on Ice and Elf. I think that some friends are going to be elves with me and so hopefully it should be quite fun.

I kissed a boy last night and am supposed to have a date with him tomorrow night. Hopefully this sickness will be tamed by then with all these warm liquids, these teas and soups. Now, to put on some pants and leave this house, to venture out into the world, a task that is amazing in its dailiness, in its ordinariness, when really what could be more awesome than one person, an individual, trekking off on their own, stepping outside of their house and into this world, interacting with this large thing.

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