Sunday, November 25, 2007

This is my new job. This is me at my new job with friends:

I really love this job right now and you should stop by on weekends and pose with me and make me love it even more.

Life is good, so good, and it is this despite obstacles to its goodness. I slept with a really sexy boy last night. I kissed a boy in the store today and he gave me his number. I have a new confidence and luck with boys that just keeps snowballing into more luck, and this thing is providing me much happiness, so many new nice interactions. Niki, who, despite two major fights with, I considered a good friend, has proved otherwise this morning, telling me I needed to move out of the apartment because she was pissed off at me that I wasn't here early to help her clean, because I came home at ten am instead of eight am because I had sex again this morning with a boy I am really attracted to (God forbid), though what she was really pissed off about is also too obviously guessed at. It is such stupid bullshit and would make me so mad if I hadn't dealt with stupid bullshit created by this person for years already, and maybe it is time to sever ties for good and move out like she demanded.

But there is this job and boys and friends and life and I am so happy.

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