Thursday, January 8, 2004

I just finished reading How Soon is Never? by Marc Spitz, a fairly mediocre work of fiction that was only read because it is all about a kid who is obsessed with the Smiths. I read most of it listening to Bona Drag which is the perfect soundtrack to these cold, lonely days. And I want to emphasize that cold part. High of 28 today! That is painfully cold.

I bought a five dollar hat so my ears wouldn't fall off today. My face gets dry and requires constant moisturizer. I do not like being outside. The sky is clear on these cold nights, but I never want to linger too long staring at it, thinking about all those little suns out there. Full moon tonight. And I am here in my bedroom alone, right next door, Dara is in hers with some boy. Thank god for headphones and Morrissey. I dream about hugging people, cute moody boys with pompadours, holding them close, feeling less lonely. Again, it is cold. Again, I am listening to Morrissey.

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