Friday, January 16, 2004

I love credit cards! A credit card just eased my depression, pretty much wiped it out in fact. I just paid my rent, and an old credit card bill after deposting my paycheck. This left me with something like two dollars and sixteen cents in my account until next Friday. I was fretting, wondering how I was going to get through the week since my metrocard expires in three days, and because, well you know, I do have to eat something. And then there were thoughts about how next Friday, my entire paycheck was probably going to pay more bills. We have yet to pay the last four months of our electric bill and the final date to pay before they turn it off is next Friday. My cell phone bill is also due around then. You can imagine, I was stressed and more than a little depressed about my inability to manage my finances.

I checked my credit cards online, figuring out how I could get through these weeks, and I find that contrary to being maxed out on all my cards, one, the MBNA card, upped my line of credit by 500 dollars. And they are the card with the insanely low interest rate of 7.9 percent and the card that does not charge me any late fees when I pay the day after. I love MBNA! So I will be able to eat, I will be able to ride the subway to work. I am so happy. And sure, you could point to this as evidence of how predatory credit cards are, how Americans love to spend on deficit, how we are a nation of rabid consumers. But you could also stick that finger you are pointing with up your ass.

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